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About Us

The Studio

In 1992 we opened our studio facing a great challenge, to make every customer very happy with our work. To this first challenge we added a second one, much more ambitious: to enjoy the process from the beginning. To achieve this, we work every day, maintaining through all these years the values that we believe are essential to make it happen: dedication, involvement, transparency, commitment, optimization of each cost, a good dialogue and, above all, TRUST. Welcome to our studio. We hope that you will enjoy our work as much as we do.


Our Concept of “Boutique”

We consider each customer unique, special, and we design a customized architecture for each one, taking into consideration their personal objectives and taste, not ours.

Excellence in Design

we are in the constant search to overcome us, and offer the best build quality in each detail.

Integral Design

we offer a complete service, including architecture, interior design, landscaping, exclusive swimming pools and spaces with fire. This practice offers a unique, consistent design language and greater efficiency in costs.

Personalized attention

from the first talk until the end of the work, each customer is treated personally by the same person, the Architect Ezequiel Olivieri. Thismakes a great difference with other Studies, in wich you often talk to different persons along the work.

Legal and administrative support

we have constant and specialized legal advice, clear contracts and transparent and orderly administration.

  • Architectural projects
  • Documentation of work
  • Direction of Architectural works
  • Management
  • Sustainable architecture
  • Development of Real Estate Ventures